Interest in UUCP?

From: Anthony Clifton - <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 20:55:43 2001

As far as (a), actually I think you're right. Someone suggested using
cheap 386/486 linux boxes as serial uucp <--> ethernet (or dialup) tcp/ip
gateways. That really piqued my interest.

Instead of convincing people to dial long-distance to transfer data from
vintage machines to other vintage machines, it'd simply be a matter of
convincing folks to turn 'useless' 386 boxes into something fun. Who
would mind that?

As far as (b) goes, "Connectivity is it's own reward." It'd be a way
to transfer files directly from one vintage machine to another without
having to deal with sneaker-net (floppies) or other intermediate steps.

What got me to thinking about it was when Don Maslin sent me a file
via email. Upon receiving it, I scratched my head and wondered how
to most efficiently transfer it from my iMac to my Kaypro.

Then I thought, "Geez, if I could just run UUCP between my vintage
machines and those of others, the file could have just been sent
directly to my machine. Convenient!"

Of course, my ultimate goal is to impress the gals.

Anthony Clifton

>> My thought was a loosely connected network of vintage computers
>> connected by UUCP and bound together by some part-time (midnight)
>> dialup servers, which would allow you to send files DIRECTLY from your
>> Kaypro to someone else's CompuPro. Or from your Commodore to
>> someone's PDP-11.

>a) wouldn't the long-distance charges quell enthusiasm for this at some
> point?
>b) what would it be used for?
>Would it just come into being to move useless data around and brag to
>girls about it?
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