Interest in UUCP?

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 00:06:27 2001

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Anthony Clifton - wrote:

> As far as (b) goes, "Connectivity is it's own reward." It'd be a way
> to transfer files directly from one vintage machine to another without
> having to deal with sneaker-net (floppies) or other intermediate
> steps.

Yeah, but what for? What good is a bridge if no one is going to cross it?

> What got me to thinking about it was when Don Maslin sent me a file
> via email. Upon receiving it, I scratched my head and wondered how
> to most efficiently transfer it from my iMac to my Kaypro.
> Then I thought, "Geez, if I could just run UUCP between my vintage
> machines and those of others, the file could have just been sent
> directly to my machine. Convenient!"

I think it would be more trouble finding a UUCP client for the machine
you're trying to transfer the file to. And if Don is sending you a file,
presumably a system disk for the target machine, then it would be assumed
that you haven't been able to boot that machine anyway to run a uucp
client, because Don hasn't sent you the OS disk yet!

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