Interest in UUCP?

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Jun 13 22:12:45 2001

> --- Ken Seefried <> wrote:
> >
> > The source code for uucp is availible any number of places; that's probably
> > the best existing doco. I occasionally have to dust off my ancient UUCP
> > sk1llz to get files on and off some antique for a client.
> When I was a system admin for Lucent (1997-1999), I was amazed at how much
> they depend on UUCP for internal file transfer.

It was pretty much all TCP/IP in '97 in Holmdel.

They've talked about removing the UUCP support inside Lucent but too
many people have embedded it into operations... and I enjoyed still
having it around like an old friend.

I taught 3 different uucp versions at Pyramid Technology -- the SysV pre
HDB one, the 4.3BSD one, and the HDB BNU one. You could literally
install two versions on a machine (one in the AT&T universe and one in
the BSD universe and have your machine talking to itself with two
different UUCP's over ethernet and serial port).

> I don't know... UUCP has the advantage of working with just about everything
> that can take a hard disk but doesn't have Ethernet (Amigas, AT&T 3B1/Unix-PCs,
> PDP-11s, etc.). In the case of classic hardware, baroque software is a good
> thing - it means you don't have to roll your own. About the only thing that
> is more universal than UUCP is Kermit.


Kermit's great. I was surprised that my Concurrent Computer
make CCOP1 make file mods were distributed with the recent releases.
They were internal hacks that I never figured would get outside.
(Supported 4.2 BSD Direct/Dirent stuff with SysVR0 stuff and some PD

> > I can almost remember when I was "...!ucbvax!gatech!weasel!ken".
> I was "...!ihnp4!cbosgd!osu-eddie!giza!kumiss!erd"

Well... boy I was a lot of machines for a while.

... peora!petsd!tsdiag!ccop1!i4got (Concurrent computer)
something at pyramid!pyrnj!pyrite!i4got (the MicroXelos 68k unix box
predecessor of this FreeBSD box) ( a.k.a. i4got)
tsdiag!ka2qhd!i4got!i4get (SCO 8086 Xenix Sysv) on AT&T6300

Those were the days.
Wish I could go back.

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