Interest in UUCP?

From: Eric J. Korpela <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 11:02:27 2001

> > > I can almost remember when I was "...!ucbvax!gatech!weasel!ken".
> >
> > I was "...!ihnp4!cbosgd!osu-eddie!giza!kumiss!erd"
> ... peora!petsd!tsdiag!ccop1!i4got (Concurrent computer)

Remember the joys of gateways? For a year (ca. 1986), my only access
to network email was a fidonet node. I'm going to have to see if I
can dig up my instructions on how to Email me from a HEPNET
node. IIRC, it was over DECNET to a SMTP gateway, over SMTP to a UUCP
gateway, over UUCP to a Fido node, then over FidoNet to the machine where
I had my account.

The address turned into something like:


I don't think I ever found a functioning return path.

Things were much improved when I moved to a machine that had SMTP,
HEPNET and BITNET support all in one place....

Does FidoNet still live? I remember the great USENET invasion of the early
1990s, and see claims of 38000 nodes in May '95. I notice no
longer exists.

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