One website with people on classiccmp's "for trade/wanted" lists....could be searchable by parts, location, interests etc...this an idea?

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 00:02:46 2001

Hi all.

Yes, I enjoy making trades with a lot of people on classiccmp...I have done
many and given away a lotta stuff too...I make friends and contacts and the
stuff gets delivered to my door and I dont spend long days hunting in garage
sales and flea markets....

I see a lot of posts of people offering stuff lately and I think this is

Would this be a good idea having a kinda "central classiccmp collector
trader list site" where people could post their trade/wish lists in a
"standard format" and this could be searched by location, parts, interests
and such? Would this not be a good way of encouraging trades and help people
complete machines and find parts...?

Would there be enough people interested?

Who has the will, time, knowledge and web space? Anyone?

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