One website with people on classiccmp's "for trade/wanted" lists....could be searchable by parts, location, interests etc...this an idea?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 18:29:43 2001

My impression is that there are just too many different
FRU's (probably 100,000 ~ 1M) out there for our group to
satisfy everyone even with the ungodly stacks of stuff some
people have. Just DEC alone probably made 50,000
different part types. I also get the impression that there are
a *few* people out there on the list that would collect too
much anyway (IE all of it <g>) if it all became available at
Most people seem to want only one part anyway: the Q/SCSI
adaptor <g2>.

Maybe this is a good metric:
How many components/FRU's etc are you looking to
      take in: give out: sell: buy:
for me it's about
      5 25 0 5

I consider "all of them" or "infinite" a {s|m}ad answer.

John A.
Received on Thu Jun 14 2001 - 18:29:43 BST

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