old external Apple drive

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Date: Thu Jun 14 07:30:27 2001

That must be the formula! Each of the features you describe is clearly present,
though I think it may take a while for me to grow the extra hand. I've been
trying for 20-odd years to grow an extra leg. One time, at a party, having had
a few drinks, I was asked by a woman in whom I might have had just a bit too
much interest, "What is your problem?" and I told her that it was that one of my
legs was longer than the other two. She wasn't impressed, but it didn't help
... <sigh>


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> My Western Digital 20AP opens as follows:
> 1) Grow extra hand
> 2) Back of case, about 1.5" to right of AC socket, at the
> bottom of the upper half of the ventilation grill is a
> small plastic lug. Depress it with a flat blade
> screwdriver of similar.
> 3) Simultaenously use two PC (spit !) card blanking plates
> on each side of the case (There is a small 0.5" slot in
> the bottom of the three styling ribs on the side of the
> case) and press to bend the two side plastic lugs
> 4) You should now be able to lift the top of the case from
> the back while the front edge rotates about the join
> between the upper and lower halves. After lifting a little
> way there will be sufficient play to slide the top of
> the case forward in order to overcome the bits of plastic
> in the top of the case which interlock with the bottom
> of the case.
> Doug.
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