OT - F-15C Cockpit [was Enigma [was Ebay horror]]

From: Tony Eros <tony.eros_at_machm.org>
Date: Thu Jun 14 10:08:06 2001

Oh, now _that's_ cool! I gotta ask -- where on earth did you get an F-15

-- Tony
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>On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> > the Enigma. I'd probably not recognize one if it bit me in the leg.
> > Unless I
>You'd know it as soon as you saw it. If the top was on it, it says
>"Enigma" in on a little oval shaped label. If the top isn't on it, you'd
>still spot it for the typewriter like keyboard with a panel above with
>little letter lamps on it.
>I'd practically give my left arm for a an Enigma rotor or even a
>steckerboard(sp). *wistful sigh*
>Your chances of finding even Enimga parts in a junkyard are about as good
>as my chances of getting the back half to the F-15C I have. You're pretty
>safe. *laughs*
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