Questions regarding a PDP11/34a

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Thu Jun 14 10:14:18 2001

   Hi Sean.

> --- snip ---

> 1. Does anyone have the pinouts for the serial line connector
> on the DL11 board?

I can check at home. My 11/34A console is connected by a self-made
connector. Just a few wires. Which DL11 board do you have?
M7800, M7800-YA or M7856?
AFAIK, the M7856 is most common.

> 2. Does anyone know what that BM873-YJ board is? I'm just curious.

My guess it is an M873 variant.
In that case it possibly contains boot ROMs.

> 3. What would be the best way to get this old system running
> again? I've got no interface to that RX02 drive, and even ....

I would opt for:
- an RX02 with the M8256
- an RL02 with the M7762

> I remember someone asking about loading software over a serial line?

Sorry. No experience with that.
I will report back tomorrow, as promised, unless somebody else already
told how to connect the console.

-- Henk.

PS. You may find some info on the 11/34(A) on my website.
    Click on the 11/35 console.
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