Does anyone collect Apollo workstations?

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 07:09:45 2001

> Are DN300's or a DN330 of any interest?
> The DN3XX machines have a nice external drive box that features a
> 8-inch floppy, probably DSDD. I have a number of these, along with the 8
> winchester disks.

Aren't they a little old and slow?

> What about the DN660? (thats a cool Apollo!) Plays an
> awesome game of battle zone!
> Or the DN3000, DN3500, DN4000 style machines?

I've got a DN2500 and two 425t stations that can connect to it.

I haven't had time to dig deeply enough to determine
whether it has any games on it or not. I have a full
set of Domain/OS 10.4 tapes, but 10.4.1 is running on
it now.

I've been able to rrad and write to both my 8mm drive
and a DC600-type cartridge drive. But tere doesn't seem
to be a way to write boot tapes on the 8mm, and although
I can write boot tapes on the cartridges, I can seem to
boot from them.

I'd like to be certain I've got a really complete backup
before I start messing around with it too much.

I have one Apollo monitor, one HP; the 3 machines all
have Ethernet cards, but the Apollo Token Ring cards
and switchboxes and cables all came with the systems.
I have three of the newer-styled keyboards and mice
for them (the original Logitech Mouse), but the DN2500
originally had a different keyboard. The DN2500 is
missing the little door that closes over the service

I have no printed documentation, and would really like
to have some.

I also downloaded all the patches from HP's web site
as they've implied the site will soon disappear.

Feel free to drop me a message privately if you want
to chat.

-doug quebbeman
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