Sound chips

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 07:47:56 2001

Back in the early '80's they sold that speech chip in a blister pack. I think
the crux was getting the 3.12 MHz (I remember that only because getting one was
such a PITA) crystal, though, for which the device was specified, and which had
to come from somewhere else at the time. Aside from having to translate the
timing intervals, I think a color-burst crystal would probably work with this
device, though. A 10-12% increase in pitch wouldn't make much difference as far
as intellibility is concerned.

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> >Incidentally, Tandy/Radio Shack sold a speech/sound cartridge for the
> >CoCo. It contained a microcontroller, an SPO256 speech chip and an
> >AY-3-891x sound chip.
> Didn't they sell the SPO256 alone, among all the other single
> IC's? I know that even recently I've seen their 'speech chip' on the
> shelf but have never bothered to notice exactly who's chip it is.
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