Orphan TI-99/4A

From: Chris Kennedy <chris_at_mainecoon.com>
Date: Fri Jun 15 13:35:11 2001

A while back I popped up on the list wondering if someone was
missing a TI-99/4A that ended up on my doorstep. Since repeated
attempts to reach the shipper (including _sending the damn machine
back and having it get bounced back as undeliverable by the Canadian
post_) have been for naught, and since nobody has stepped forward to
claim that it's theirs, it's officially up for grabs. Included is
the machine, a collection of titles, two of the world's smallest
joysticks (thumbsticks?) and the incredibly crappy packaging material
and well-used box that the thing showed up in.

Well, actually, I might have to fix the packaging bits -- I'm not sure
anyone --even the USPS -- would accept this box.

Available for the cost of shipping. Contact me off list, please...


Chris Kennedy
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