Does anyone collect Apollo workstations?

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Date: Fri Jun 15 13:44:18 2001

While I don't collect them I really liked the 320 I had. I think they are a
cute package. The 320s I had were used as technical documentation
workstations. They were plenty fast for this. I sold three to local

I hate to think of the 400 & 6XXs that went through my hands. We bought lots
of them from Mentor Graphics about 10 years ago. I sold a lot of parts on the
secondary market.

One of the local scrappers (Portland, OR) has an Apollo 600 box that he told
me to offer to the list. It would have to be palletized to ship. It has no
keyboard, monitor or mouse. I can provide more information if anyone is

I have an Apollo 570 that I would like to part with. It is the intermediate
machine between the 660 line and the 3000 series (550, 570, 580 , etc.) It is
a large undercounter cabinet with a 19" monitor, mouse and keyboard. I
believe it is a 68020 machine with 1 1/2 meg of Ram. Again I can provide more
information if anyone is interested. It was running when put in storage a
couple of years ago.
It would have to be palletized for shipping, which I can do.

Please contact me at I have been busy enough it is
difficult to keep up with the list.

Portland, OR

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