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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 15:04:50 2001

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>> For those of you who don't know, the CPC had an AY-3-8910. The same chip
>> could be found on late Spectrum models and apparently also in the Research
>> Machines Nimbus. The Atari ST uses a Yamaha clone of the same chip, called
>> YM2149. I believe that the MSX uses such a chip, too.

>I think MSX includes the AY-3-8910, yes. So does the
>Vectrex vector-scan video game console (6809 CPU).

I checked (of course I had a file with MSX info on my hard drive, silly me),
and indeed it's got an AY-3-8910, though I wouldn't be surprised if many used
the YM2149 considering the Japanese origin of many MSXes. I think I'll have a
look in mine, though they are respectively Korean and Hongkongese (I think I
just discovered a pothole in the English language =).

>> Another question: The Sega Master System and the BBC use an SN76489 sound
>> chip. Both the AY/YM chip and the SN one are "PSG" chips. That means that
>> they've got three square wave channels and a noise channel which may (at
>> least on the AY/YM) be mixed with the square channels. But are those chips
>> related, or are they just chips which happen to use the same techniques?

>Unrelated, as far as I know.

There can't be that much of a difference sound-wise, though, seeing as they're
both PSG, right?

>Wasn't there an SN76488 sound chip that was analog, as
>opposed to the digital SN76489? And has enyone ever seen
>or used the Yamaha FM synthesis chip that was upward
>compatible with the YM2149?

The SN76489, that was a Philips chip, right? It was used in some late eight-
bit UK micro, right? Was it the SAM Coup? or the Enterprise?
Why not just have a look at the hard drive once again? =)
Nope, the Enterprise had a Philips SAA1099. Six channels, eight octaves (don't
ask me what that means, I suppose it's some fancy way of saying X to X Hz).
So who used the SN chip and who made it? And how does one use an analogue
sound chip?

This URL, if it still exists, could come in handy:

There is a datasheet for the SN76489 at:
It's just a load of scanned images, but can't the data sheets be ordered from
the manufacturer, then?

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