Interest in UUCP?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Jun 15 16:10:54 2001

Douglas Quebbeman skrev:

>> Since most vintage machines can't run TCP/IP but CAN run uucp, would
>> there be any interest in a dialup uucp node for retrieving email, files,
>> etc specifically geared toward vintage machines?

>I've been thnking of this in a bit wider context.

>With some of the changes happening on the Internet, it's
>not quite as friendly as it used to be. An alternative
>network seems like a good solution, and uucp as been
>with us for a long time. We could even host rogue USENET

IMO it's the opposite. Everyone's so friendly they've got molasses running out
of their arses. What the net would need would be some good olf-fashioned

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