Koala pad Q

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Sat Jun 16 01:29:19 2001

> >Just got a new-in-box Koala touch pad for a C64 - anyone ever use one on a
> >128D ? I have a 64, 64C, 128 and 128D but I am going to thin the collection
> >out to tjust the 128D and hopefully I can use this with it and not have to
> >hang onto the 64 to keep using the pad.
> I would think it'd work fine. Nearly all the C64 carts I've
> tried with the 128D have worked. The main exception is the CP/M
> cart. But if you're on a C128, who needs it anyway. I've used the
> Koala on my Atari 8bits but have never had the Commodore version.

The KoalaPainter cartridge for the C64 works just fine on the C128. Jeff is
right -- with the exception of the CP/M cartridge, which doesn't work at all,
and the Magic Voice, which requires you to hold down the C= key on bootup
to properly initialise the MMU to 64 mode, all 64 cartridges work fine on
its bigger brother.

There is also a disk version, and then another disk version for the Koala
light pen.

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