MicroVax 3100 Question & Asking for Computers

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Jun 16 11:50:19 2001

>Question 1: Do MicroVax 3100's have monitors, mice or keyboards
>or do they just use terminals? I've only ever used Microvax Is, IIs
>and various full size Vaxen. Never owned any any 4 digit pizza boxes.

MicroVAX 3100's don't, VAXstation 3100's do.

>Question 2: Even if they do use tubes and rodents, is it possible to
>flip a switch or change a jumper to use just a VT220 or something
>like that and how do I do it?

If it's a VAXstation 3100 you can do this, if it's a MicroVAX 3100, I
honestly don't know if you'd need to. Personally I've never tried to hook
a tube to a 3100, and have never wanted to, but then I've only got one.

>Also, I tried the FAQ at anacin but I've been unable to connect to
>anacin or other locations where I believe the information to be found.

Bummer, I hope it's not gone, I refer to the one table there regularly, and
don't think I've ever gotten smart and copied it. I can't get to it either.

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