UUCP -- uucpd (for those interested in the source code)

From: Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
Date: Sat Jun 16 21:50:12 2001

Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp1633.monmouth.com> wrote
(after Cameron Kaiser):
> > I haven't even figured out how to configure uucpd! :-)

> Ask and you shall receive.


> The rest of uucp can be picked up from the gnu sites.
> I'm willing to help with the mapping project and to act
> as a resource to help people get uucp up.

OK, I'm having trouble finding the desired documentation (O'Reilly's
_Managing UUCP and Usenet_ book) and remembering how to configure the
HDB-like UUCP that I think stockholm is running. So please check me
on this....

UUCP over dialup works by logging into the remote system, with the
user on the remote system set up with uucico as its shell. So uucp
would dial up and log in, and login would exec uucico (as the shell)
so that the caller would have something to which it could speak uucp.

uucpd continues to follow this model, only it issues the login: and
Password: prompts, checks to make sure the supplied user name has
uucico as its shell, and execs uucico after successful authentication.

Cameron has (privately?) expressed an interest in not having to set up
a user and password for each of his UUCP peers. To the best of my
knowledge, the only UUCP implementation that permits this (by way of
supporting its own user/password table that is independent of
/etc/passwd) is Taylor UUCP. Or is it possible (and safe) to set up
HDB UUCP such that all UUCP peer login names map to the same uid/gid?

Taylor UUCP is GPL'd open source, is used on FreeBSD and probably
other free Unixes, and will probably build for other Unixes (I used to
run it on a Sun 3/60 with SunOS 4.1.1) but I can understand the desire
to use the vendor-provided UUCP implementation on classic iron.

-Frank McConnell
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