Further thoughts on VUNIC [was Re: Announcing VUNIC/VUnet]

From: Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com <vaxcat_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sat Jun 16 22:56:36 2001

[For those who wish I'd just get to the point, please feel free to skip to
PART 2.]

Geez, I had no idea there'd be so much interest in this!

In fact, I'm becoming concerned that we may be off-topicing classiccmp
too much.

I can easily set up a mailing list just for VUNIC/VUnet and then we could
post monthly updates to classiccmp to reduce list load the list.

My other thought is that the folks at the UUCP Mapping Project offered to
let me take it over if I would maintain the map database GLOBALLY.

With as many knowledgeable folks as there are around here, maybe that
isn't entirely unreasonable.

It seems like a public service that we, as vintage computer collectors, could
do for the 'general public' (if you can call uucp nodes that) to generate
interest and good feelings for us.

In addition, it's a nice useful thing to do with vintage or scrounged hardware.


SO what I'm going to is draft some Articles for VUNIC/VUnet and then locate
people to specific tasks. Of course, I'll be at the top of the food chain.
But I'm a very benevolent dictator. ;-D I also give credit where credit is
do and am not into taking all the glory for myself. =)

At any rate, I'm planning on officially beginning this process on July 1 when
I put the web site online.

In the meantime, if you'd (meaning anyone) would like to help with specific
tasks and have experience with doing those tasks, please let me know so
I can starting building lines of communication.

Thanks! I'm VERY excited to see this becoming a reality.

Anthony Clifton

>> Okay, so it's maybe overkill for how our traffic would be taxing things :-)
>> Hey, isn't UUCP considered peer-to-peer networking?
>Nope... it's all necessary and Peter Honeyman, I think, did all the
>utilities we need... Just got to web search up and rebuild them.
>I used to have a full map set in place on a machine with 3mb of memory
>and 80mb of disk. Took a couple of hours to generate the map
>which looked something like this in text form.
>(Anyone remember the name for the map programs to generate this stuff...
>I'm embarrased to say I forgot the names and stuff.)
>i4got: decvax!pyred!pyrnj!pyrite!i4got
>Sure is peer-to-peer. Supports email, remote printing, remote job
>execution, file transfer... pretty slick for stuff that did it all over
>RS232 and often slow modems.
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