OT - F-15C Cockpit [was Enigma [was Ebay horror]]

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Date: Sun Jun 17 05:56:18 2001

> demo to a scrapyard in Tijuana. In the load was one of the Williams
> turbofan motors (Value? about $150k). Took industrial security almost
> a week to find it. Only person diciplined was the plant protection
> guard that let it out. He got three days off.

Reminds me of a similar incident at a place I used to work... Not
military related though.

Back in 1990 or so the company bought a new NEC PABX. Not ready to
install it, they stored it in the warehouse on it's original pallet
pending installation.

The warehouse cleaner came along, saw a big empty looking box on a pallet
sitting next to his rubbish pallets, grabbed a forklift and dumped it into
the rubbish truck.

Worth about $70,000 and was never recovered.
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