Apple II stuff available in Sunnyvale [Fwd: Apple II]

From: Michael Maginnis <>
Date: Sun Jun 17 10:46:15 2001

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Subject: Apple II
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 17:58:40 EDT

Dear Rubywand--
I would like to donate all my old Apple II stuff to some worthy
  I live in Sunnyvale, California. Perhaps you can help me locate someone
closer to me. What I have includes 2 clone CPUs with numeric kepads, shift
keys and function keys, 2 floppy drives, 2 monitors, Okidata printer with
graphic ROMs, printer card, language card, 80-column card, modem card, Z-80
card, joy sticks, joy stick switch box, PC joysticks with adapter, many
floppies of applications and games, and documentation. Thanks for your
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