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Date: Sun Jun 17 22:38:38 2001

In message <>, Dave McGuire write
>On June 12, Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> At least a gutted one presents at least some sort of starting point on
>> which to build and it it's the racks and panels you get, that's a bit better
>> than starting off with nothing more than a single board or two. If it were
>> a machine I wanted badly enough, it'd still be worth looking into even in
>> that type of shape. There are certainly automotive and aircraft collectors
>> that have started out with less and ended up with fully functional vehicles
>> after spending enough time gathering the pieces.
> You make an excellent point here...but Cyber205s aren't exactly
>common enough to find parts lying around from time to time. :-/

On top of that they're very difficult to make work right. When I was
at Purdue, tours of PUCC (Purdue University Computing Center) included
a story about the installation of Purdue's first 205. (While I was
there, they got a second one from Florida State or U. or Central
Florida or somewhere like that.) It seems that when CDC was installing
the machine they got it up and running well except for one instruction.
After some effort to diagnose the problem, it turned out that one of
the interconnecing cables was an inch too long. They shortened the
cabel and the machine worked well.

Brian L. Stuart
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