Precision Echo Phase II/Pilara 2000/TA Royal ???

From: Ernest <>
Date: Mon Jun 18 00:36:51 2001

I picked up a few new computers this weekend, from a really nice guy with an
unbelievable collection. The computers are:

-Basis 108 labeled as a Precision Echo Phase II. This is an over engineered
German Apple II clone but I'm not sure why it was repackaged as a Precision
EP II. I believe that the Basis 108 was a beige color but the PEP II is a
light milk chocolate brown. The thing seems to have been built to double as
granite block -heavy, cast aluminum case (a real back breaker.) Does anyone
have any documentation on this beast?

-Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC (Royal?)I'm sure that many of you are more
familiar with this computer than I am. It looks like a typical Alphatronic
PC except it has the "Royal" label underneath the TA above the keyboard.
This system also as the two F1/F2 floppy drives, and a Royal A60 monitor.
What's the story with this one?

-Pilara 2000 -I haven't been able to find out anything about this butt-ugly
computer. It has a very plain metal case, with an odd 5.25 drive wedged down
in the lower left corner, and a funky keyboard that has a 25pin connector.
Instead of a printer port, it has a typewriter port, and it has a composite
video cable out. It's a 1983 computer that looks like a blind man designed
it. In fact, it makes a Morrow MD3 look like a flashy work of design art
genius. It also has two stacked mainboards (about s100 size) cabled
together, to form a sandwich. Anyone know anything about this weird little
computer. I'm assuming that it's a CP/M machine (what else?) Docs or
software would be a big help on this one.


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