CD Eating Fungus?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Jun 20 13:43:34 2001

>On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Jeffrey l Kaneko wrote:
>> Well it would figure-- most of the really *important* discoveries
>> were accidental. Take the microwave oven, fer example . . . :^)
>Yes, the story of how that the microwave oven was invented was neat!
>It just shows that playing and experimentation in the workplace, and
>eating while working, are all good ideas. Alas, many biz-'droids have
>no understanding of such things... isn't it interesting how many
>people who are superb examples of devolution end up in management?

What we really need is a CxO eating fungus. ;)

My wife and I were having lunch the other day in a trendy little bistro
type place in the heart of Orange county's tech belt, and the hot topic at
most tables was "management is so dumb". Seems to me once you get above the
hands on level in almost every company that it becomes a political personal
agenda group with little grasp of market or product. A fungus seems like a
really poetic end for them.

Getting back to CD rot, I think the operative thing to consider is
condensing humidity, which nothing modern is happy with.
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