pertec interface

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Jun 20 14:01:43 2001

On June 20, bill wrote:
> ISA Card? There were several. *very* expensive - maybe $500
> I've got one - been thinking (maybe not very seriously) of
> putting everything into an ASIC or FPGA as a do-it-yourself
> project. Realistically, how many tapes are there out there
> that need to be read?

  Be careful, it's very easy to underestimate this...a great many
organizations are still using 9-track tapes.

  Your FPGA idea sounds really neat.

> Found a Qualcom open style deck not long ago - it's a SCSI,
> and a lot lighter and easier to haul around than those F-880
> Cipher pigs. Which are taking up space ''just in case''.

  Heh. You've never moved a Fuji M2444AC, have you. The Cipher F-880
is tiny.

  The "right" way to do 9-track these days is the HP 88780. SCSI,
caching, fast, quiet, self-threading, and as far as I'm aware, still
being produced.

         -Dave McGuire
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