Interest in UUCP?

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Wed Jun 20 16:57:38 2001

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> As a protocol, UUCP works great over packet radio, even at really low
> data rates. Much better than the BBS protocol that became the standard.
> But then, hams always suffered from NIH syndrome.

This makes me want to get my ham license! I really should have obtained
it years ago after taking communications electronics I and II, but I was
short on time, and never got 'round to it.

> Although there is no longer an antenna on the roof, I just peeked through
> the hole in the raised floor here in my office and I can see the packet
> node hardware is still under there.

No packet hardware... I guess that my old Utica transciever would be
useless for this. Since we're talking about sending/receiving data in
a classic manner, wouldn't it be neat to use sparc-gap transmitters,
and then never worrying about having to do any form of D/A or A/D

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