What's best to do?? classically speaking

From: rhudson_at_cnonline.net <(rhudson_at_cnonline.net)>
Date: Thu Jun 21 17:36:14 2001

I have a Compaq Portable 386...

Classically speaking... what is best to do in the cases below?

1)I am running dos 6.12, but I am thinking about re-installing with
DOS 4 or DOS 5.
Or more generally is it better to use a circa operating system or a modern operating system (Assuming the machine will run both) ?

2) The machine came with a 5 1/4" diskette drive, I am considering replacing that with a 3 and a whatever" drive, or once again more generally when one has an older machine is it good to upgrade the hardware to make it more usefull.

I suppose on my single machine no one cares really, the "historical Police" will not appear at my doorstep.

Let us extend the argument, Given a running PDP/11, what of the person who installs a current day 60GB disk drive and DVD CD ROM?

Curious in San Jose.

BTW I have two of these portables and recently offered one in trade for a part, I am also willing to sell for cheap.

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