Boom cars (ot for sure...)

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Jun 21 21:55:10 2001

Yes, my neighbors (of many ethnic groups) are quite cooperative about such
things. But the people driving through the neighborhood tend to be
completely uncooperative. And the police around here will NOT do anything
based on a complaint with a license number. If they don't hear it
themselves, they won't follow up.

BTW, the first time that I heard one of them, I thought that it was a bad
crankshaft main bearing - still don't know why somebody would WANT that
volume anywhere near themselves.

Grumpy Ol' Fred
On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Jim Strickland wrote:
> I'm thinking of an incident that happened when I was in grad school in
> 1993 or so.  It was summer, the guys down the hall were obviously basket
> ball team, and had the rap music pumped up LOUD.  The joys of dorm living.
> After discovering that I'm too old to sleep through ACDC loud enough to wake
> the dead (and blot out the noise) anymore and equally unable to sleep through
> my windows vibrating to something or other about killing cops, I knocked
> on the door.  The guy who answered was at least a foot taller than me, very
> athletic, and of a different racial stock than mine.  Seemed like confrontation
> was iminant. When I asked him to please turn it down a bit, he apologised and 
> turned it off.  I told him that wasn't necessary, just so it didn't rattle my 
> windows was fine.  It never was an issue again.
> Perhaps the most useful thing I learned that day. 
> The place was Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.
> > WOW!  I'm tempted to ask what color the sky is there, but trust you about
> > the level of cooperation that you get where you are.  It might be worth
> > moving there!
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> Jim Strickland
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