preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 01:25:45 2001

As mentioned previously, I've registered DECDOCS.ORG, and have started
the tedious task of scanning in all the documentation I have.

I'm about halfway through scanning the '69 DEC Logic Handbook
(positive logic edition), by laying the book as flat as possible
(not using the scanner top cover), and scanning 2 pages at once.

Some of the pages are starting to come unglued, and I'd like to
avoid destroying the book while archiving it. Any suggestions on
what to use to re-glue the pages, or rebinding, etc? I've got
quite a pile of these handbooks and will be doing the same (scanning)
to them, but this is definitely the oldest / most fragile handbook
in the collection.

Thanks for any tips.


Bill Bradford
Austin, TX
Received on Fri Jun 22 2001 - 01:25:45 BST

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