preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 08:31:37 2001

--- Bill Bradford <> wrote:
> As mentioned previously, I've registered DECDOCS.ORG, and have started
> the tedious task of scanning in all the documentation I have.
> I'm about halfway through scanning the '69 DEC Logic Handbook
> (positive logic edition), by laying the book as flat as possible
> (not using the scanner top cover), and scanning 2 pages at once.
> Some of the pages are starting to come unglued, and I'd like to
> avoid destroying the book while archiving it.

Talk to Doug Jones. He recommends dismantling the book carefully
for the best quality copies/scans. The idea here is that the
information in its copied format is more valuable than the slivers
of dead trees that it currently resides on. Yes, books are a
valuable resource, but these are not unique books - they are
reference works that were published by the thousands. Once in
digital form, they are trivial to disseminate in a way that
is impossible for the originals.

If you have handbooks that are disintegrating anyway, the thing to
do is probably take them apart intentionally and carefully, then
probably just put the leaves in a baggie for safe-keeping. I would
be willing to take any and all handbooks in that format.

> Any suggestions on what to use to re-glue the pages, or rebinding, etc?

I have no idea on that one. As someone else here mentioned, perhaps
a librarian might know. I would expect the answer, however, for a
30-year-old paperback to be unsatisfactory.


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