SDK for Windows 1.04??

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 08:40:03 2001


        The earliest MSC I have is 7.0 which has the 3.1 SDK on it (separate
disk and separate install program).


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> Hello, all:
> I was paging through some Sourcer listings that I have of the
> Windows 1.04 code and noticed that most of the functions in the DOS Shell
> code (MSDOS.exe and MSDOSD.exe) are referenced by ordinal number and not
> function name ("MSDOS_23" versus "DoSomeThing"). So, I was wondering if
> anyone had a copy or knows the existence of SDK documentation for Windows

I think the Windows 1 SDK was bundled with some versions of the
Microsoft C Compiler v 4.0.... or I guess, it would have been
the compiler bundled with the SDK.

In the late 80s, lots of people were buying the SDKs and then stripping
out the compiler packages and selling them. I bought MS C 5.0 that way
from someone who'd bought a Microsoft OS/2 SDK. I was able to send a
copy of a letter from the seller to Microsoft, who registered me as
a valid licensee! However, they stopped that practice shortly there-

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