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From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_smart.net>
Date: Fri Jun 22 18:55:40 2001

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > Your point is? Remember, the Clintons are Democrats. Democrats and
> > Reublicans are both alike in that they all revere one thing: political
> > power at any cost, and enjoy it all the more when it's at the expense
> > of their serfs^H^H^H^H^Htaxpayers.
> Okay, then, all libertarians are nuts. Who wants to top this troll? ;-)

Sorry, I didn't mean to leave any political parties out of the
critique; most politicians from all parties are, well, as you say
"nuts." There, that's much fairer; equal offense to all. :-) By the
way, it was no troll. How can anyone, honestly, have any respect for
most of our elected loonies? The president included, they should be
no more respected or important than anyone else; in fact, they should
be thought of as less important than the taxpayers whom they're
supposed to be serving. As Thomas Jefferson would, no doubt, have
agreed, the taxpayers just aren't doing a good enough job of keeping
the politicians afraid of the taxpayers and on their good behavior.

Instead of applauding the overpaid political idiots at parades on the
4th of July, why aren't we celebrating the 4th properly by booing them
and burning effigies of them as they pass by on the parade routes? To
do otherwise, and celebrate that day, is just plain hypocrisy.

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