BIG haul of DEC docs!

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Fri Jun 22 18:39:10 2001

>Bill Bradford wrote:

> I just got an incredible haul of DEC docs in the mail. Once I
> get through scanning these and putting them up as .pdf's on
> DECDOCS.ORG (which I just registered), the actual handbooks, etc,
> themselves will need a good home, and I dont have space for them -
> but I refuse to toss stuff like this away. I'd like to trade them
> for other DEC PDP stuff if possible.
> So, if anybody's interested, please let me know. I'll be done
> with these in a month or so, assuming I get plenty of time to
> use my scanner.

Jerome Fine replies:

This is a great start!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a number of similar DEC docs
of which some are duplicates. I was considering selling them, but
would MUCH RATHER see them scanned. In the next few weeks,
I will attempt to gather them together and note the duplicates which are
not listed here. I note that almost all the replies are about quality, but
no one has offered to add to the list. Hey, can't we all pool at the
very least the extra books that we have and have them scanned?

Eventually, those who have manual collections may wish to either
LOAN them or donate them to be scanned.

By the way, is it possible to separate the text and the diagrams?
Probably in most cases, that would allow for a plain text portion which
also can be searched with an editor and be MUCH MORE useful,
especially under the actual software of the original PDP-11 systems,
such as in RT-11 with either TECO or KED. While the diagrams are
obviously important, having the text ONLY in a plain text file would
not only reduce the file size, but allow the viewer to see AND SEARCH
the file using a file editor native to the original PDP-11 operating system
and file utilities.

So I can keep better track, I have eliminated the RSX references.
I don't have any of those since I am an RT-11 addict.

> Everything is in "Good" or better condition, given some yellowing
> of the pages due to age, of course. Only one of the handbooks has a
> torn cover, and its only slightly dog-eared.
> Handbooks:
> Year Title
> -------------
> 69 Digital Logic Handbook
> 70 Digital Logic Handbook
> 70 Laboratory Computer Handbook (PDP-12) (x2)
> 71 PDP-11/45 Processor Handbook
> 72 Microcomputers and Memories
> 72 Logic System Design Handbook
> 72 PDP-11/40 Processor Handbook
> 72-73 PDP-11/45 and 11/50 System Maintenance Manual
> 73-74 Digital Logic Handbook
> 75 PDP-11/70 Processor Handbook
> 75-76 LSI-11 PDP-11/03 Processor Handbook (x2)
> 75-76 Digital Logic Handbook
> 76 RK11-D & RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller User's Manual
> 76 DR11-C General Device Interface (x2)
> 76 PDP-11 Software Handbook
> 76 PDP-11/34 Processor Handbook
> 76 PDP-11 Peripherals Handbook
> 76-77 Digital Logic Handbook
> 77 PDP-11/60 Processor Handbook
> 78 PDP-11 Processor Handbook (04/34/45/55/60)
> 78 Microcomputer Processors
> 78 PDP-11 Peripherals Handbook
> 83 Cables: Handbook for the System Builder
> 83 PDP-11 Software Source Book Vol. 1: Application Software
> 83 PDP-11 Software Source Book Vol. 2: Systems Software
> 83-84 Micro PDP-11 Handbook
> 88-89 Software Handbook
> Catalogs:
> Year Title
> -------------
> 82 DECdirect Spring
> 84-85 DECdirect Winter
> 87-88 DECdirect Plus Summer/Fall
> 88-89 DECdirect Plus Summer/Fall
> 88-89 DECdirect Plus Winter/Spring
> 85-86 DECdirect Plus Fall/Winter
> 84 Add-Ons and Upgrades
> 83 (May) Emulex Controller Handbook: Communication and Peripherals
> The Software Dispatch Review (bug reports):
> Year Title
> -------------
> Bill Bradford
> Austin, TX

If we could have some co-ordination between those that have and are willing
to use scanners and those that have the books, maybe we can make up a list
of all the PDP-11 books into five lists (maybe more) that might be useful?
(a) Hardware Manuals
(b) RSTS/E Manuals
(c) RSX Manuals
(d) RT-11 Manuals
(e) Other Manuals - if this list is too large, then divide it as well.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
Received on Fri Jun 22 2001 - 18:39:10 BST

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