Research Machines Nimbus PC1

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Jun 23 17:30:59 2001

> There's some sort of NCR sitting about 30 miles away. Maybe I'll get to
> that in another week. We got a Perkin Elmer, also. It's starting to
> look like they may be rebadged Concurrents.
Nope Concurrent was a spun off Perkin-Elmer Computer Products
division... Formerly Interdata.

Interdata -> Perkin Elmer-> Concurrent which merged with Masscomp
to form Concurrent and was swallowed by Harris and still kept the name

Some of the Interdata founders created Syntrex and early office
automation word processing group with a number of talented folks
from Bell Labs (and I think some folks who may have had a connection
to Zilog and Exxon Office Systems)...

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