SWTPc S/09 is alive

From: Eric Chomko <chomko_at_greenbelt.com>
Date: Sat Jun 23 18:45:23 2001

Just out of curiosity, what does the follwoing have to do with SWTPC or
SSB? And what is STD?


Richard Erlacher wrote:

> One of the local surplus outlets has got a few STD bus boards, which I saw but
> didn't examine, as the store manager (not a sympathetic sort) was present. I
> didn't want to tip him off that they might be of some interest, else he'll add
> $100 to the price of each. If there's anybody interested in STD bus hardware
> and doc's, please let me know what you might want, and how badly (approximate
> value). If I can get the stuff for what you want to pay, I'll do it. I doubt
> it's bundled, by the way.
> I once had quite a bit of STD bus stuff, acquired from a bankruptcy bound
> client, but never got excited about it, hence, didn't learn much about it.
> Dick
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