SWTPc S/09 is alive

From: Eric Chomko <chomko_at_greenbelt.com>
Date: Sat Jun 23 19:58:02 2001

Eric Chomko wrote:

> Jeff Hellige wrote:
> > Thanks to Eric Chomko and MIchael Holley my SWTPc S/09 is now
> > back up and running. I took the S/09 and all it's documentation over
> > to Eric's and we put it on his workbench next to his 69/K and spent
> > the afternoon working on them. I think it's safe to say that we both
> > learned a thing or two.
> >
> No doubt about that! I'm still puzzled about my system, however. We
> shoulda
> snapped pictures too. :(

I got some shots of my system. :) Will make them available later.

The interesting thing about these two similar computers is that the board
layout is distinctly different WRT the SS-50 vs. the SS-30 busses. In mine
they are perpendicular, and in Jeff's they are parallel. Quite fascianting
when you think that a decision by SWTPC was made to make the change.
(Mine is no doubt the earlier -traditional layout from the 6800 days.)

Jeff's is no doubt SWTPC's reaction to the Gimix and Helix boxes of the day.

Interesting to find out what manufacture numbers (quantity) exist for both
All would die with the advent of the PC, but the historical aspects of the
bus became more fascianting today once I realized that major switch.


> >
> > We also set up a 5-1/4" floppy drive for it using his SSB
> > DCB-4A disk controller, in place of my DMFA2 controller. We were
> > able to boot the SSB DOS without a problem. Since it's known that
> > the drive works well with the DCB-4A, and we already have the Smoke
> > Signal Broadcasting DOS, does anyone have a SSB DCB-4 or DCB-4A
> > they'd be willing to part with? Unfortunately, I had to give his
> > back <g>
> >
> Yes, I made him give it back as I was green with envy. Now I gotta get
> my system working properly.
> Yeah we may be that lone bastion of SSB DOS on the planet, as most folks
> have gone FLEX. But hell, SSB DOS is the one I learned and have lots of
> SW about.
> Anyway, thanks, Jeff, for a day of fun.
> Eric
> >
> > Jeff
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> > Home of the TRS-80 Model 2000 FAQ File
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