SWTPc S/09 is alive

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Jun 25 17:26:02 2001

>Interesting to find out what manufacture numbers (quantity) exist for both
>All would die with the advent of the PC, but the historical aspects of the
>bus became more fascianting today once I realized that major switch.

        Not only would it be interesting to find out how many are
still out there, but also to determine just how many were made to
begin with. Given that quite a few of them started life as kits vice
assembled units though, I wonder if those were serialized at all.
For instance, your 69/K doesn't have the model#/serial# sticker on
the rear panel. Also, though mine is a later machine, likely
produced after mid 1980, it has a serial# of 004906.

        Too bad nobody has ever done a FAQ on the SWTPC or other
SS-50 bus machines.

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