Weekend Trip to Chicago - Haul Report

From: Anthony Clifton - Retrocomputing.com <vaxcat_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Jun 24 20:10:35 2001

Well, I travelled to the great city of Chicago this weekend on a hardware
retrieval trip...the Windy City, Chi Town.

I arrived in Naperville around 12:30 yesterday and immediately began
the trek to Indiana to meet Tom Uban, who recently posted that he had
some free Sun hardware for pickup.

I arrived in his town, about 60 miles away, *3* hours later! The traffic
around Chicago is absolutely unbelievable!!!

There I picked up:

Sun 3/60
Sun 3/110
External hard disk for above with some version of SunOS
9 slot (expandable to 21) VME rack with 5 Sun 3/110 OEM boards
Fairly voluminous brand new Sun 2/3/4 documentation
Keyboards for Suns
Mice, Mouse Pads
Ethernet transceivers
19" color monitor (Sony)
2 17" monochrome Sun displays
Mac IIsi
Apple CD 300 (looking for caddies for this)
Some sort of floptical drive for Macs
Mac Monitor

and got to meet some VERY nice kitties, which I always enjoy. I also
got to see his 11/45 and Imlac, which are deeply cool. I also saw
the largest piece of core I've ever seen...a CDC unit approximately
18" by 36". It was huge!

I then returned to Chicago, tried a different route and ended up on
94 and 290 in Saturday traffic. Another *3* hours back to Naperville.

I never did get over to pick up Greg Linder's (posted here a few days ago)
AT&T 3b1.

Many apologies to Greg! I tried, I kept getting stuck in traffic, my cell
phone wouldn't work and I ended up literally falling down on the floor
at the place I was staying and falling immediately asleep.

I've just moved the haul into the basement and MAN is it cool!

BTW, for those who don't know, I've become fed up with Ebay so these
items will never be appearing there. =) They're going to live with me
forever as I love Suns.

A VME rack of Suns is a lovely site to behold.

Anthony Clifton
Des Moines, Iowa
Received on Sun Jun 24 2001 - 20:10:35 BST

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