Still have that 3b1, since Anthony Clifton didn't get here to pick it up. and three Unibus bits.

From: Greg Linder <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 20:04:55 2001

        The dumpsters around here keep yielding bits- I still have this
3b1, and for those of you who were interested I will sned you emails back
to check if you still want it or not.
        I also have (2) DD11 and (1) DR11-B hex-height four slot Unibus
wire wrapped backplanes- No flip chips, but the backplanes are in pretty
good shape. A few bent pins, but they appear to have all the pins, and are
relatively clean. All the wire-wrap is still in fairly good shape, from a
brief visual inspection. If no one wants these, I'll hold on to them- They
might come in handy just for the bus sections if we ever get around to
restoring this 8/s we found.
        For those of you who were talking with me about trading various
bits, I found the necessary doodads to got my LaserJet III working all
right- I broke down and spent a couple of bucks on a new rubber roller and
paper stoppy thingy- I also learned a whole slew about how these things
work, which was nice. I also found a friend who has installation media for
AIX 3.5 or some version like that, so all I need now is the SCSI
cable to go from micro-tiny screw-on SCSI to big D-Centronics, and I can
re-install on this POWERServer. It will be nice to learn more about AIX so
I can better use and program the RT in our collection.
        Anyways, It's really nice having this list around, and despite
the occasional bickering and such that goes on, this list has a great
collection of engineering-minded folks who do a lot of neat stuff.

        Greg Linder
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