Corona PC, last chance.

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 01:06:25 2001

The Corona PC was not cased in a wooden box, but rather a metal case
although it might have been a specially built case. I'm not sure how long
the Corona name was kept before it was changed to Cordata, but the name was
changed because of an objection by Smith-Corona. It had IIRC 512K of memory
and used either the 8080 or the V20 chip. The original PC-400 I have or had
(???) used the NEC V20 which was supposed to be about 5% faster (depending
on what benchmark you wanted to use.) Personally, I think it is worth saving
but I already have several and don't need another one :)!

Mike Ford wrote:
> So far no responses, and after this Tuesday I won't be at that scrap yard
> for a week or so, and chances are pretty good the system will be gone.
> Corona early looking PC, very nice shape with (2) 5.25" drives in a I think
> (can this be right) a wooden box.
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