BIG haul of DEC docs!

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 01:41:21 2001

--- wrote:
> Something to consider. It's my understanding that it is OK, to scan/copy
> the hardware doc's. However, I'm not sure that the same is true with the OS
> Manuals, in fact I'm fairly sure that it isn't OK. This is unfortunate as
> I'm guessing that there are even fewer Hobbyist with the OS doc's than have
> hardware doc's.

I have a documentation directory from the days when DEC released the right-
to-copy to customers for those docs that DEC no longer sold. If someone has
one handy, it might be good to scan it... I don't know how long mine would
take to find. I don't have the precise langage here, but it said, in effect,
if we won't sell it to you, go ahead and copy it.
> Keep in mind when talking about RSTS/E, RSX-11M/M+, and RT-11 manuals you're
> talking about software that you can still purchase, and Doc sets that are
> still for sale. I'm guessing Mentec, and possibly Compaq would take a dim
> view of copying these manuals.

While I wouldn't recommend copying stuff that Mentec sells, I don't think
you can get anything out of Compaq these days. For older stuff, say the RT11
v4 docs, I doubt Mentec sells those.

If you stick to the previous major versions, and especially stuff published
by Digital, not Mentec and/or Compaq, I would expect that it falls under that
notice from 15 years ago. Newer stuff is much less likely to be so liberated.


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