Good Samaritan Rule?

From: Vance Dereksen <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 21:24:26 2001

Hey. If you ever run into any interesting DEC stuff that you can't take,
I would be more than willing to pay shipping. Same probably goes with
other hardware for other people. Keep it in mind. 8-)

Peace... Sridhar

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Mike Ford wrote:

> Tony's actions in the UK are perfectly reasonable for him, but here in
> SoCal I run across so much stuff that more than 95% of it goes to scrap. Of
> the 5% I bring home and mess with, about 75% still goes to scrap after a
> few months or years of storage.
> My problems are;
> Space. I am currently at a good 200% of reasonable capacity, and forced to
> pay an extra $30 month to park my new car on the street instead of my
> packed garage. The worst to me about this is that in NO WAY is the extra
> stuff blocking my cars parking spot worth more than a couple months of this
> extra $30. If I wouldn't pay that much to buy, why the heck am I keeping
> and pay that much?
> Stupid projects that bog down and tie up my workbench areas. I am
> frequently tempted to do what Tony does, and get myself into a real mess
> while I wait for a part, tool, or knowledge on how to continue. (see stupid
> 486 minitower below)
> A very reasonable course of activity for me is to take the parts I need
> from lesser systems, and scrap the remains, but I suspect like many on this
> list I find that VERY hard to do. Instead of what odd bit did you add to
> your collection, what was the last thing you tossed? My list for June is a
> yellow 13" mac RGB monitor that I couldn't get to work properly, tried to
> fix and broke something, plus found out it was already working and I hooked
> it up wrong. Item two are a couple of 486/66 minitowers that had just too
> many things wrong with them(bad power supplies, missing memory, bad hard
> drives, funky motherboards (vlb), and finally nasty old case I cut my
> finger on.
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