Good Samaritan Rule?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Jun 25 18:19:58 2001

Tony's actions in the UK are perfectly reasonable for him, but here in
SoCal I run across so much stuff that more than 95% of it goes to scrap. Of
the 5% I bring home and mess with, about 75% still goes to scrap after a
few months or years of storage.

My problems are;

Space. I am currently at a good 200% of reasonable capacity, and forced to
pay an extra $30 month to park my new car on the street instead of my
packed garage. The worst to me about this is that in NO WAY is the extra
stuff blocking my cars parking spot worth more than a couple months of this
extra $30. If I wouldn't pay that much to buy, why the heck am I keeping
and pay that much?

Stupid projects that bog down and tie up my workbench areas. I am
frequently tempted to do what Tony does, and get myself into a real mess
while I wait for a part, tool, or knowledge on how to continue. (see stupid
486 minitower below)

A very reasonable course of activity for me is to take the parts I need
from lesser systems, and scrap the remains, but I suspect like many on this
list I find that VERY hard to do. Instead of what odd bit did you add to
your collection, what was the last thing you tossed? My list for June is a
yellow 13" mac RGB monitor that I couldn't get to work properly, tried to
fix and broke something, plus found out it was already working and I hooked
it up wrong. Item two are a couple of 486/66 minitowers that had just too
many things wrong with them(bad power supplies, missing memory, bad hard
drives, funky motherboards (vlb), and finally nasty old case I cut my
finger on.
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