Good Samaritan Rule?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 10:05:08 2001

Mike Ford skrev:

>Instead of what odd bit did you add to
>your collection, what was the last thing you tossed? My list for June is a
>yellow 13" mac RGB monitor that I couldn't get to work properly, tried to
>fix and broke something, plus found out it was already working and I hooked
>it up wrong. Item two are a couple of 486/66 minitowers that had just too
>many things wrong with them(bad power supplies, missing memory, bad hard
>drives, funky motherboards (vlb), and finally nasty old case I cut my
>finger on.

I try to clear out things out of my collection, and have in the last couple of
months as a matter of consequence dismantled a PS/2 model 90, only I still
haven't got used to the thought of throwing it away, so it just sits in the
hallway serving as some kind of cubist stool. The next step is to get it
outside the door, where it'll probably sit for a few months. Then it'll go to
the usergroup, as much stuff has done recently, where it will be up for grabs
and/or eventually dismantled to serve as material for other, perhaps non-
computer related projects.
It just seems like such a shame to throw it away, regardless of what it might
be or what little use it may have.

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