SMC Ethernet

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 18:17:37 2001

> When I bought pair of ethernet TP/coax, chose SMC ISA type and GVC
> (generic to keep cost down). SMC for dorm 'net and other one for
> linux back in '96.

I'm running most of my boxes on SMC ISA here.

> Cost was about 150 for SMC, generic was around 75. All in canadian
> dollars.

Yup... you can pick them up for 5 dollars each at flea markets and
they're guarranteed for life like the Intel's and 3com's.

> BTW, I know my SMC still works, and generic one is sick.

And if it dies they're gonna replace it for free...

> Now, SMC is repackaging generic stuff and sold under their label.
> Now that one I'm not interested. Who is still selling with real
> ethernet chipsets like Tulip, etc? Not RealTek or no-name chipsets
> crap.
> Cheers,
> Wizard

I'm debating going Ebaying for some DEC or Adaptec tulip based PCI based cards.

The LINKSYS and NETGEAR and DLINK stuff work pretty well for more
generic cards. I've been less than impressed with 3com stuff.


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