Silent 700 Model 707

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 21:08:41 2001

--- John Allain <> wrote:
> > I picked up a TI Silent 700 model 707 recently (a nice, small variant
> > with built-in modem, see,
> > with hopes of converting to use as a direct line serial terminal.
> >
> > Before I open it up and poke around, does anyone already know how to
> > do this?
> Oops, wake up.
> Yes, get a telco simulator (costly) and a stand alone modem
> (cheap, esp. when used). The sim I found was a Viking at about
> $100, useful for testing laptops with integrated modems, etc. etc.
> Or get two phone lines and call yourself.
> Terminal/w/Modem -> Telco(sim) -> Modem -> RS232 out.

I have seen smart telco simulators for $250-$500 (Software Results made
the "COMBOX(R)" for about $350) and I have seen dumb ones for <$100. The
dumb ones are a power supply, some current-limiting resistors, and a push-
button to switch 110VAC through some other resistors and simulate the
ring voltage. I do not have a schematic, but I've seen someone sell them
at hamfests for cheap.

Most expedient is if you have two phone lines. Next most expedient is if you
live close enough to a friendly neighbor to run a wire out the window. :-)


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