Silent 700 Model 707

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 20:06:54 2001

> I picked up a TI Silent 700 model 707 recently (a nice, small variant
> with built-in modem, see,
> with hopes of converting to use as a direct line serial terminal.

Wow, never knew they made em that small.

> Before I open it up and poke around, does anyone already know how to
> do this? Portwise, there are two RJ11 ports (phone&wall) and a 6-pin
> acoustic coupler port of unknown pinout.

Oops, wake up.
Yes, get a telco simulator (costly) and a stand alone modem
(cheap, esp. when used). The sim I found was a Viking at about
$100, useful for testing laptops with integrated modems, etc. etc.
Or get two phone lines and call yourself.
Terminal/w/Modem -> Telco(sim) -> Modem -> RS232 out.

John A.
what will LookOut express do to the -&gt characters, I wonder?
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