Looking for info - En-link Ethernet card for the Apple II

From: Michael Maginnis <celt_at_chisp.net>
Date: Wed Jun 27 13:56:20 2001

> Someone has written a great utility that allows you to use your PC as a
> file server from your Apple ][ and I believe vice-versa. I forgot what
> it's called but I believe the website where the software can be found is
> listed in the Emulators subsection of the Apple Resources section of the
> VCF Link Library:
> http://www.vintage.org/cgi-bin/links.pl#apple
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I think the one you're referring to is Apple II Oasis. Includes a Disk
Server app that allows you to set up a virtual hard drive for the
emulator; IIRC, also allows PC <-> Apple II communication via null modem
cable (useful for converting your old floppies to disk images suitable
for emulator consumption, and vice versa).

Apple II Oasis homepage:


Product is shareware, registration is $25 US.


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