Slightly OT: Help? Apple CD 300 and VAX 4000 VLC

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 14:00:50 2001

> You definately have a SCSI termination or addressing issue here.
> I would, on general principles, not use addresses 1 or 7 for any
> device until you know which of those two addys your interface is on.

I think the usual address of the internal hard drive is 3 and the CDROM
drive is 5.

> I've forgotten what the setup terminationwise is. I know the external
> scsi line needs termination, so turn it on on your cdrom. I *think*
> the setup that works in mine is the internal hard disk is not terminated.

I happen to have a VLC at my desk that isn't being used, so I opened it
up to check. The SCSI connection is motherboard->HD->external connection,
so the HD should not be terminated. If you don't have an external SCSI
device the external connector should be terminated.

Just verified, and the internal HD is NOT terminated.

> You should see all the drives when you type show dev from the console.
> If you don't, fix the problem before you bother trying to boot.

Indeed. I've seen this type of problem before and I solved it by using
a different CDROM drive. The CDROM drive did work on one of my VAX systems
and all of my Alphas, but would not work with one of my other VAX systems.
I generally like to use either actual DEC drives or Plextor drives.
Eric Dittman
Received on Wed Jun 27 2001 - 14:00:50 BST

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