From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_bg-tc-ppp1667.monmouth.com>
Date: Thu Jun 28 18:35:09 2001

> Bill Pechter skrev:
> >I'd liked a cross between OS/2 and VAX/VMS... maybe with FreeBSD
> >thrown in.
> Isn't that Windows NT?

Not if you have to use the GUI to admin it and reboot to change
network addresses.

> >Always liked OS/2 and always will. IBM was screwed by M$ who kept
> >changing Win32 and keeping new apps from running on OS/2.
> So what? OS/2 is OS/2 and Windows is Windows. You can't just rely on some
> other OS vendor to supply you with the right API and applications.

But M$ promised if you code to Win32S it would be portable to OS/2,
Win3.1 and Win95/NT and kept changing the DLLs to break it.

The only problem in OS/2 was if the Workplace Shell threads blocked and
locked up you'd lose the desktop... but all the server services
like network kept going.

Getting a prompt and login from Telnet was possible on OS/2 when it
wasn't standard in NT.

The ftp and telnet servers made OS/2 pretty compatible to
FreeBSD/Linux/Unix in what it could do on a lan.

Miserable Redmond $%*s.


  Bill Gates is a Persian cat and a monocle away from being a 
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